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donderdag 10 april 2014

Wild edges : getting ready

The Independed daily at duke university, called the chronicle, has an article about the concerts this weekend.

This weekend is the 'wild edges' project I talked about in a previous post.

From the duke article :

about the venue :
“It is a really impressive acoustical space,” said Aaron Greenwald, director of Duke Performances, of the former African Methodist Episcopal church. “The room handles reverberation quite well, so you don’t get distortion.”
The unusual dimensions of the wide and wood-paneled space enhance the acoustics that define the center as exceptional for performing and recording music. 

about Joe's part of the gig :
Joe Henry, ....................will lend his voice to the tight harmonies and rich lyrics of Cincinnati band Over the Rhine and Los Angeles duo The Milk Carton Kids.

about recording it :
............Greenwald admitted that none of the previously recorded albums from Hayti performances have been released in a widespread fashion. However, he has hope for this particular project.

“There’s a very real chance that this will come out as a record,” he said.

Read the full article here.

Organiser Duke performances has released a rehearsal picture on twitter.

Update April 11 :
 'God is in the details' posted a link to over the rhine's website. They have a nice photo diary with more rehearsalphoto's.
Duke performances posted another rehearsal photo on twitter.

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