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donderdag 17 april 2014

Pleased to meet me

Pleased to meet me is a film from Archie Borders(director, co-writer), Michael Fitzer(producer, director of photography) and David Henry(co-writer).

plot :
Pete Jones, lead singer of the seminal punk band AMMO PALACE, is stuck. He's solo (in his professional and private life) and he can't finish his long-promised, still gestating album. His one-time partner, now-out-on-her-own indie producer Laura Klein, approaches Pete to appear on a segment of a syndicated radio show. Laura's pitch is simple: from the Classifieds and Craigslist, she and Pete will find a group of musicians who have never met and create, for one day and one day only, a band.

The musicians are assembled. It's a vibrant cross section of talent: an eccentric, elderly Theremin player, a muse-worthy but abused punk rock bassist, a Christian guitarist who sings like an angel, a butch, hardened, but happy-to-be-here drummer, a former lounge singer turned real estate agent singer, and an almost-past-his-prime electric violinist with anger management issues.

For Laura, this is an opportunity to establish a life out from under Pete's shadow. For Pete, it's a chance to connect and re-mix his personal and creative life. For the unknown band, it's a time to see if they have what it takes to fulfill, or say goodbye to, the unfulfilled dream of making it in the music business. Pleased to Meet Me is a funny, unexpected look into the unrealized dreams and possibilities of artists. 

The film features Joe as 'Terence, the engineer'. 

You can see Joe in the trailer, and if you listen carefully you'll hear a wonderful song from Joe. ;-)

columbus underground has an interview with the makers. It seems they first asked Joe to play the leadrole :

“To accomplish the feat, Fitzer and partner/co-writer/director Archie Borders first turned to industry insider Joe Henry – brother of the film’s co-writer David Henry – to fill the lead role.

Says Fitzer, “Joe Henry plays Terence, the engineer in the film, and he’s also our music supervisor. Joe’s a 3-time Grammy Award winner, he was the music supervisor on Knocked Up, he’s had music in films, and he also produces a lot of work. We originally tapped Joe as potentially playing the lead role, but Joe felt he couldn’t convincingly play that part. And, as he put it, ‘The only way I was going to get out of it was if I found somebody else to play it.’”

Fitzer continues, “We’re on a conference call and Joe says, ‘Well, I’m just not the guy to play this role. What about John Doe?’”

After playing a number of music and film festivals, Pleased to Meet Me was picked up for distribution by Virgil Films and will be available via iTunes on April 22. (You can pre-order now at itunes.apple.com/us/movie/pleased-to-meet-me/).

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