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zaterdag 27 januari 2018

JH on Acoustic Cafe

without mortality, there can be no morality

Joe was a guest on radio showcase Acoustic Cafe.

He played some songs from his latest album Thrum live. Besides talking about that album he, also spoke about producing the Steep Canyon RangersHarry Belafonte,... about meeting Joan Baez, and hearing her perform on of his songs for the upcoming album Whistle down the wind. On that album you will find Joan Baez bring Joe's 'Civil War'.

Listen to this episode following this link.

maandag 22 januari 2018

Natalie Duncan opening for Joe in London.

On his Facebookpage, Joe Henry announced that Nathalie Duncan will be opening for him at kings place in London.

when i am asked to name an album i am particularly proud of having produced but may also have been significantly overlooked upon release, it is one called "devil in me" by natalie duncan that frequently springs first to mind.
recorded at peter gabriel's Real World studio near bath, england in december of 2011, natalie's inaugural lives in that rarified ether where also dwells the first albums of roberta flack...the mid-70s recordings of nina simone.
she's that heavy.
and i am proud to announce she'll open the show for me febraury 1st, at King's Place in london. don't miss her.

Tickets still available.

woensdag 17 januari 2018

Bremen Concert broadcasted + tickets info

Joe will perform in Bremen, Germany on February 10. Just like during the European Invisible Hour Tour This concert will be aired on  radio Bremen.

The airing-date is not set yet, I'll keep you updated on that one.

Tickets for this concert are still available.

zondag 14 januari 2018

JH on Poetry

Read a wonderful talk with Joe Henry about Poetry on lareviewofbooks.org

Henry recently “outted” himself in the press as a lover of poetry, whose blues-inflected songs grow directly out of the verse he reads. Until now, he has not spoken in detail about his poetic passions and influence. read more

New released tracks from Joan Baez & Steep Canyon Rangers

Accompanied by an interview with Rolling stone magazine, Joan Baez released the titletrack of her upcoming album : 'Whistle down the wind'.

Has Tom Waits ever specifically written a song for you?No, I've just found his music and I know that if I scratch the surface, I'll come up with something. I wish he would write something for me, but he didn't have to write "Last Leaf" for me; it was just there. It's a song about the timing in my life and it makes me laugh. But also, I am the last leaf on the tree for lots of folks.(rollingstone)
(Make sure to read that entire interview.) 

The Steep Canyon rangers released 'Let me out of this town' from their album 'Out in the open', which will be released in 2 weeks.
At tasteofcountry.com they say about it :

"Recording 'Let Me Out of This Town' required patience, keeping the horse on a tight rein until, by the end, you can’t hold back any longer and hell has broken loose!" vocalist and banjo player Graham Sharp says.

Full tracklist :
1. "Farmers and Pharaohs"
2. "Let Me Out of This Town" (listen)
3. "Out in the Open"
4. "Can’t Get Home"
5. "Going Midwest" (listen)
6. "When She Was Mine"
7. "Love Harder"
8. "Shenandoah Valley"
9. "Best of Me"
10. "Roadside Anthems"
11. "Let Me Die in My Footsteps"
12. "The Speed We’re Traveling" (listen)