Life in Music inspired by Joe Henry

vrijdag 3 juli 2015

Carll Hayes hopes Joe Henry Produces his next album.

In an interview with the Boston Globe, singer songwriter Carll Hayes expressed his wish to have Joe Henry produce his next album.

For his next album, then, he’d like to revisit his roots as a songwriting craftsman, and to put some sincere thought into what he wants to say. To that end, he expects to work with the producer and fellow songwriter Joe Henry.

“We’ve never actually met,” Carll explained. They first talked on the phone about eight years ago, when Carll was conducting a series of “speed-dating” interviews with various producers for what would become his third album, “Trouble in Mind.”

“I’ve always been aware of him. I wrote a song with Mary Gauthier that was the lead track on a record he produced. Then I heard a song that really struck me.” It was Henry’s spare acoustic, nearly-nine-minute storyteller “Sign,” from his recent album “Invisible Hour.” Carll was drawn to “the intentional way he communicated, the way he thought . . . created. It struck me as where I wanted to be.”

And it seems this is going to happen. ;-)