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donderdag 17 april 2014

'God is in the details' renewed.

Blog God is in the details is totally renewed.

David Kennedy, who started a Joe Henry Blog in 2009, and build it up to a fantastic haven for Joe Henry fans, has renewed his Blog.

"......In 2014, JH has established his presence on Facebook and keeps us up to speed on many of his current projects.  However, it is my hope that the blog still provides some value to the die-hard Joe Henry fans around the world.  It has been my great pleasure to hear from many readers and share out mutual admiration for one of the great – and under appreciated – recording artists of our time.  It has been no small surprise and thrill the receive the support of Joe’s management and Joe himself in this endeavor.  Over the past few years, I have received too many kind emails to count. In the spirit of continuous improvement, it is my hope that you will find this blog easier to read and follow,.........."

Very humbly yours,
David Kennedy
Bellaire, Texas
April 2014

The 'God is in the details' site has been the biggest inspiration for me to start my own blog. If one day I reach only to his ankles, I'm a happy man.

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