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zaterdag 31 mei 2014

JH on BBC's Tom Robinson show.

On Saturday June 14, Joe Henry will be a guest on Radio show The Tom Robinson show

Saturday 14 June
Tonight, Tom Robinson chats to American singer-songwriter and producer, Joe Henry, who's just released his 13th solo album, Invisible Hour. 

May 28 : Purcell room, London

It was already announced that Joe would be backed up by Levon Henry and John Smith for this concert. On top of that he would receive some special guests. These special guests were  Billy Bragg and Lisa Hannigan.

Thank you Matthew for the following info.

Joe Henry was accompanied for the main part by Levon H and John Smith. Lisa Hannigan duetted with Joe on two songs; one of hers and 'Lead Me On'. Billy Bragg came on for the second encore and Joe and he played a medley of 'Girl from the North Country', 'Tupelo Honey' and 'People Get Ready'.

Joe dedicated the show to Maya Angelou whose death had been announced a few hours earlier.

It was a privilege to be there; a beautiful, intimate show, wonderfully played and sung before a rapt audience.

Dear readers who where there : feel free to share, what you want to share, about your own experience of this show. You can leave a reaction, or send me an e-mail.


'Sign' : official video

On the american songwriter website, Joe gives us a backgroundstory of this song. Read it here.

donderdag 29 mei 2014

Joe Henry @ Concerto music Store Amsterdam

On June 9th : Joe Henry will be doing a little set in Music Store Concerto Amserdam. After that, he will do a signing session for 'Invisible Hour'.

Later on the evening he will perform at 'people's place'. Get tickets for that show over here

maandag 9 juni 16:00 niemand minder dan JOE HENRY live in Concerto!
Na afloop zal hij zijn nieuwe album "Invisible Hour" gaan signeren

Instore Concerto
Monday 9 June 16:00 no other then JOE HENRY live in Concerto!
After that he will be signing his new album "Invisible Hour". 

Utrechtsestraat 52-60
1017 VP Amsterdam

I'll probably be at the show in People's place. Now let's see what time I'll arrive in Amsterdam....

woensdag 28 mei 2014

Stream the Free at noon show

WXPN has put Joe's free at noon show availbable to stream.

It's great to listen to. Read my personal review here.

Listen to it on XPN Media Player.

Live at 'free at noon'

maandag 26 mei 2014

Invisible hour reviews

When you motor away 
Invisible Hour is a beautiful and flawlessly executed record. I can't recommend it highly enough. And you can now stream it in its entirety at the First Listen feature at NPR's radio page, link here. But no one can digest something this deep and majestic via a stream or two, so please be sure to go buy this one.

The globe and mail
Sunset is near; Joe Henry makes it sound so sweet.

Das vom Schriftsteller Colum McCann mitgeschriebene Titelstück, der sanfte Swing von „Lead Me On“, die düstere Moritat „Sign“ - das sind wieder einmal kluge, perfekt instrumentierte und mit großer Intensität gesungene Lieder für den Songwriter-Olymp.

(The, co-written by the writer Colum McCann, title track, the gentle swing of "Lead Me On", the somber ballad "Sign" - these are once again clever, perfectly orchestrated and sung with great intensity Songs for the songwriter Olympics. )

dagbladet kultur
Album nummer 13 er Joe Henrys beste pa 13 ar.

(Album nr 13 is Joe Henry's best in 13 years.)

Janmertensblogspot (Dutch)
En na het bezoek aan een oude kerk of een wijs museum kom je buiten, een beetje als een ander mens. Het is alsof je een soort voorzichtige gloed voelt over je huid, alsof je iets weet of minstens iets gezien hebt. De mogelijkheid van schoonheid. Zo voel je je ook een beetje, nadat de laatste noten van Invisible Hour zijn verdwenen. Wat een mooie plaat…

(And after a visit to an old church, or a cool museum you exit, a bit like a different person. It's like you're feeling a careful glow on your skin, like you know something, or at least saw something. The possibility of beauty. That's how you feel a little, after the last notes of 'Invisible Hour' are gone. What a beautiful record.....)

 Invisible Hour er en musikalsk lise for sjælen, der ved gennemlytning åbner sig med underspillet ynde.

(Invisible Hour is a musical balm for the soul which, through listening opens with understated grace. )

read the translation here. (many thanks to Ivan Laic, for helping translating, and giving his permission).

www.bergamonews.it (Italian)
enola.be (Dutch)
dekrentenuitdepop.blogspot (Dutch)
Kindamusic (Dutch)

.tagesanzeiger (german)
It starts with discussing the song 'sign'
With «Sign» Joe Henry has written one of the most poignant folk songs of the past few years for its new, thirteenth album.

altcountryforum.nl (Dutch)
Warwick McFadyen
Joe Henry doesn’t just strum a chord and sing a melody, he builds and paints, models and sketches sound into a poetry of song.


Rob Dickens
An invisible Hour well spent.

for more reviews visit : god is in the details

Australian JH tour in september

Music tour organiser gaynor crawford announces an australian tour in september.

Tuesday 9th September The Basement, Sydney NSW
Tickets: thebasement.com.au ph: 1300 438 849
Wednesday  10th September The Basement, Sydney NSW
Tickets: thebasement.com.au ph: 1300 438 849
Friday 12th September Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne VIC
Tickets: melbournerecital.com.au ph: 03 9699 3333
Saturday 13th September Meeniyan Town Hall, Meeniyan VIC
Tickets: lyrebirdartscouncil.com.au
Sunday 14th September Brisbane Festival, Spiegeltent, Brisbane QLD
Tickets: brisbanefestival.com.au

zondag 25 mei 2014

pre-listen 'invisible hour'

1 week before its release. NPR gives us the chance to hear already 'invisible hour' at their show first listen.

Listen here

Eternal love may sound great on paper, but in reality our most serious commitments break us as surely as they make us. To wed is to promise to accompany someone through the hope of romance into terrifying midlife and aggravating old age, enduring whatever ordinary disasters hit. To believe in a deity is to accept that all-powerful being's cruelty, or even apparent apathy, as well as its wonder. To invest in a personal vision — a vocation, an artistic quest — is to acknowledge that it may fall apart.

Lean back, close your eyes, and enjoy....

free at noon show currently on youtube.

Some members of the audience recorded the free at noon concert, and uploaded it on youtube.

1 of them has Joe's entire show.

zaterdag 24 mei 2014

Bremen concert to be broadcasted on July 6th

It was already anounced that Joe's concert in Bremen would be recorded for a radiobroadcast.

Radio Bremen will broadcast the concert on July 6th between 20:05h and 22:00h local time (Germany).

read the pressrelease here.

It will be available in the following ways :

UKW Bremen 88,3 and Bremerhaven 95.4 MHz
Also Satelite, Cable, Podcast and live-stream

visit  : www.radiobremen.de/nordwestradio

The broadcast was postponed untill october13, 2014.

vrijdag 23 mei 2014

Joe Henry 'Live' at my home BBQ

Today, Joe played live for free at noon. Free at noon is a live radio broadcast from WXPN and takes place in the world cafe live in philadelphia.

Although the concert is at noon,..... for me (Belgium) it was 18:00h, and time for dinner. Summer has just set in, and we did our first family barbecue with our little family.

"Honey, can you go quickly to the store to get...?"
"Daddy, can we organise all the vegetables ?...."

Well I must say, this is the 1th BBQ  I did, with Joe Henry playing 'live' in the back. I guess a laptop and internet has it's advantages...

First Apache relay played their set. I had never heard of them. It was nice to get to know them. I can't explain it, but it felt verry natural hearing them, and knowing they were opening for Joe Henry. thank you guys !

But we all waited for Joe Henry. Of course the emphasis was on the new songs. I heard some of them before, in Dublin last August. 'Lead me on' and 'Sparrow' are already available to listen to. But nothing beats hearing Joe Henry play live.
The greatness of Joe also displays in his care for all the listeners, also those listening to the radio. In his own way, he made me feel part of the crowd by joking around while he was tuning his guitar. Not all artists are aware of such things, but as a radio listener it feels great to be 'there', miles and miles away in real life.
I'm not going into specific songs, and versions of songs, The most important thing for me was hearing Joe Henry perform again.  he get's to me, everytime.

It was the perfect appetizer for seeing him during his upcoming tour. This show was like spring telling me summer is coming.....

P.S. It's probably a coîncidence, but as soon as the broadcast was done, dark clouds came in, and we needed to flee inside for the rain.

setlist : 
Eyes out for you
Invisible Hour
Lead me On
Grave angels
Plain speak
Like she was a hammer

donderdag 22 mei 2014

Joe Henry on WFUV Radio NY.

Joe Henry recorded a session for WFUV radio NY.

Radio Host Carmell Holt tweeted :

"Sat down with one of my musical heroes, , today. Incredible session, coming soon on… "

More pictures here
on air : June 25th.

9PM, FUV LiveJoe Henry, singer, songwriter, and producer best known for his work with Loudon Wainwright and Over the Rhine joins host Carmel Holt to discuss and perform his new album,  Invisible Hour

Win 1 ticket for Bremen concert.

You can win 1 free ticket for Joe's concert on May 31, in Bremen(Ge). The contest is organised by Radio Bremen
You need to fill in the form on their page : Name, e-mail and a message.

Good Luck !

Edit May 23 : Contest closed !

woensdag 21 mei 2014

Win Tickets(Berlin) + ticket update (Bremen)

Momentsclub, Bremen (De) : May 31
Tickets are now also available by e-mail order.

Here is the full ordering  info :
By Phone :
Telefon 0421 7903829 - Ear Schallplatten
Telefon 0421 704730 - Hot Shot Records

By e-mail

Quasimodo, Berlin (De) : June 1th
www.tip-berlin.de is offering 5x2 free tickets for Joe's concert June 1th.

Wir verlosen 5 x 2 Tickets für das Konzert von "Joe Henry" am 01.06.14, 22.00 Uhr im Quasimodo.
Einfach eine E-Mail mit dem Betreff "Joe Henry" an geschenkt@tip-berlin.de schicken. 
Einsendeschluss: der 30.05.2014. Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen

Translated : We are giving away 5x2 tickets for the concert "Joe Henry" on 01.06.14,22h in Quasimodo.
Send an e-mail with title "Joe Henry" to geschenkt@tip-berlin.de
Deadline : On 30.05.2014. willl be the final decision.

zaterdag 17 mei 2014

See Joe Henry perform for free at noon May 23th

Joe Henry will be performing a midday concert for WXPN's free at noon on May 23th.  Free at noon concerts take place, and are broadcasted from the stage of World Cafe Live in Philadelphia.

Join us for Free At Noon as Joe Henry with special guests Apache Relay perform a live midday concert on Friday. 

You need to register for this event on the 'free at noon' page. Click on the 'RSVP for event' button.

About Apache Relay :

The Apache Relay started out of a college dorm room. Frontman Michael Ford Jr., a former music business major at Belmont University, dropped out to pursue his songwriting which later developed into a full fledged Americana/roots band. Since then Apache Relay has released three foot-stomping, folk-inspired full length albums including American Nomad in 2011 and their latest self-titled released just this year.

Later, on June 26th, Joe will be again at the world cafe live in Philadelphia. He'll then play there for the 2014, Invisible Hour tour. Get tickets for that concert over here.

donderdag 15 mei 2014

Official website renewed

Joe Henry's official site has a completely new frontpage.

Alongside the tourschedule, it has some samples of songs from the upcoming album 'Invisible Hour'.

You can pre order the new album  through the links on the page. Also, if you sign up for the newsletter you'll receive a free download for the song 'Lead me on'.

For those interested in Demo versions of these songs : When you purchased the album, (Digital or physical) you'll receive a free download for those Demo versions.
(May 31 update : Currently the DEMO versions are only available for U.S. release)

1 Song : 'Your name on my tongue' is not on the album, but will be available as a DEMO version.

 Billy Bragg's album tooth and nail features this song. (or at least a song with the same title).
(the album was produced by Joe.) 

woensdag 14 mei 2014

Invisible Hour : Wonderful review by Josh Hurst

God is in the details has an exclusive review of Invisible Hour by none other then Josh Hurst.

I don't exagerate when I say it is a wonderful review. It's truly a must-read.

It is actually impossible to pick out quotes from it, without diminishing the value of the entire article.

So please forgive me for taking out these 2 parts :

"Truthfully, he could have self-titled it and none of us would have raised an eyebrow. He has never sung with more conviction or clarity, never written songs that so deftly abide mystery while inviting emotional investment; they are funny and literary and seemingly closer to confessional singer-songwriting than the man has allowed himself to come in the past. Invisible Hour is the best conjuring of everything that Joe Henry does well, the surest and more generous he has ever been as a performer..."

"Of course, there’s another Joe Henry song that echoes throughout this latest hour of music, and it is perhaps his most beloved: “I rise and fall with you/ And you can’t fail me now,” he sang once before, and Invisible Hour is nothing if not a collection of love songs that look back over the rising and the falling, over the rough and tumble (“salt and sugar, tooth and nail…”). And true enough: In its elegance and its grit, its reaching upward and inward for the sublime and its kicking up of earth and dust, it offers a bruised and beating heart to us; doesn’t mask the pain of doing so but does bear glorious witness to the transformation that it brings; bids us do the same. Like the love it speaks of, the record stands ready to seduce and change us, if only we allow it."

But again, it's a must-read to do entirely. Do it here

dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Listen to a new song from Invisible Hour

NPR posted another beautiful song from Joe's new album 'Invisible Hour'. It's the song 'Sparrow'.

Listen to sparrow.

Extra tourdates in the fall ?

according to daily play more tour dates (in the fall) will be anounced.

according to the same site, Joe will also be on WXPN's free-at-noon on May 23.

Free at noon : Live Concert Broadcast and Webcast Fridays At Noon

maandag 12 mei 2014

Invisible Hour : European release date now set for June

Joe's album 'Invisible Hour' will now be available in Europe this June. The date varies between countries, so please contact your local record store for an exact release.

(Many thanks to Joe's Management for this info)

Invisible Hour Tour : Levon Henry will be on stage.....

Next to the info I posted about the London concert. I can also give some other info regarding musicians.  

Joe's management confirmed me that Levon Henry will join Join Joe on stage for a few songs each night.

zaterdag 10 mei 2014

Update London concert

Southbank centre anounces Joe's concert as "Joe Henry + special guests."

For these shows, he performs the new songs as acoustic numbers alongside older tracks – including rarely performed tunes – and is joined by Levon Henry and John Smith as a backing band.

He'll also be joined onstage by some special guests over the course of the show.

Tickets for this concert can be purchased here.

vrijdag 9 mei 2014

Bremen concert to be recorded for radiobroadcast.

Joe's concert in Bremen will be recorded for a radiobroadcast.The radiobroadcast is for the program Nordwestradio from radiobremen.

There is no date yet for when it will be aired.

Tickets for this concert need to be purchased by phone, you find all the info on this site.(german) 

dinsdag 6 mei 2014

maandag 5 mei 2014

Update Concert Norway

Joe is performing in Norway at the festival bergenfest on June 12.

Today, the exact timing for his concert was announced on the festival website.

Joe will perform from 17:15h till 18:15h in the 'magic mirrors'.

Magic mirrors


I really wish I could attend this particular show. I've seen more concerts in these kind of venues (maybe even this particular one). I don't know how it is for the artist, but as an audience member, I always found myself in verry nice intimate concerts.

But for me, Norway is a little too far away. If all goes well, I'll be attending Joe's concert in Amsterdam and Ghent.

For those who can go to this festival. It will be no surprise that I'm advising Joe's concert.

zaterdag 3 mei 2014

Update Washington Concert

The Birchmere in Washington announces Joe's concert with verry special guests.

Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion

This date is not yet announced on their website, but it is also listen on Joe's official 'Live' page

to give you an idea about these special guests :