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zaterdag 26 april 2014

Patheos Blogs on 'Invisible hour'

patheos is (just like us) looking forward to the upcoming album :

"For my money, the most exciting title on the summer music calendar is Joe Henry’s new album Invisible Hour, which rivals his finest records."

"Two of my favorite connoisseurs, Andy Whitman and Josh Hurst, have already declared it the album of the year, and maybe the album of the decade."

Read the full Blog entry here

about Josh Hurst and Andy Whitman :(info from 'God is in the details')
"..... He(Josh Hurst) is the tireless curator of his own music review site The Hurst Review and often contributes to Christianity Today and several other publications.
You are not likely to find a more eloquent dissector of Joe Henry's work....."

"...You might recall that Whitman wrote the latest press bio for Joe Henry...  
....I sort of think of him and Josh Hurst as the two leading authorities on JH's music.  So you won't generally be surprised by their positive reviews of his work, but I bet there's a good chance you'll gain some deeper insight...".

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