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vrijdag 4 april 2014

Wild Edges : A collaboration

Next week Joe will be performing together with 'Over the Rhine' and 'the 'milk carton kids'.

This is old news actually, the concerts are already sold out and take place on April 11 & 12 in  the Hayti Heritage center in Durham.

But this is not a 'standard' concert in their tourschedule. 

The 2 evenings are organised by duke performances.

It will be an evening around 'the great american songbook'.
The evenings will be recorded for an album. 

.......This one-of-a-kind ensemble is set to engage, according to Henry, the “Great American Songbook,” performing a set of original songs that “embraces songwriters from Robert Johnson to Jimmy Webb, Woody Guthrie to Nina Simone.”

".....in front of a live audience at Hayti Heritage Center, Henry, Over the Rhine, and The Milk Carton Kids will perform and record an album of new songs they wrote together, taking advantage of the flawless acoustics at this former AME church."

On Joe's Facebook, there is a picture of them together working on it.

I'm not going to be able to see 1 of these shows, but I am looking forward to the result of it.

Update from Joe's facebook (April 5, 2014)
so, here it comes, finally- our fully collaborative performances of all-new songs, written by commission of Aaron Frank Greenwald and duke university: the wild edges, happening next friday and saturday evenings at the hayti heritage center in durham, NC.
to say i am looking forward would be to understate something of tremendous significance to me. to boot...
we will be joined in performance by jay bellerose on drums, jennifer condos on bass, and Levon Henry on reeds; and the whole of the enterprise shall be recorded by the one and only Ryan Freeland.
am grateful for the opportunity; and i hope i may see some of you there.
— with Karin Bergquist.

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