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dinsdag 26 januari 2016

Susan Tedeschi on 'Hope and Desire'

In 2005, Susan Tedeschi's album Hope and Desire was released. It was produced by Joe.

On Jambands.com she spoke about that.

.... and years later I was making a record on Universal with Joe Henry as the producer. We did the Hope and Desire record right after I had had my daughter Sophia so I didn’t have a lot of time to write a record. They told me to just do a really cool cover record of tunes that people might not know so much, but they would all be great songs with Joe as the producer and the band that he works with. I said, “Okay, so you’re not going to use my band. That’s interesting.” I asked Joe who his players were and he said, “Doyle Bramhall.” I said, “Awesome, I’m in already!”
He had drummer Jay Bellerose , who I played with in a band when I was 18. He’s amazing. Nowadays he plays with Ray LaMontagne, but he used to play with everybody. He even played on a Robert Plant and Alison Krauss record. He played with Paula Cole, he used to play with lots of people. We went to college together and I was in a band with him and the bass player, Paul Bryant. He plays with Aimee Mann and he’s also a producer and great singer.
So the band was Paul Bryant, Dave Ellis, and Doyle Bramhall—so I was in. We made the record in six days, it was the easiest record I ever made. It’s one of my favorite records that I ever made because it sounded really great and it was just really relaxed and fun...... 

woensdag 20 januari 2016

Lovers and Leavers : Carll Hayes

A few months ago I posted that Carll Hayes wanted to record with Joe.

Well....., It was like they both winked an eye to me,  when I read this morning that, that coöperation already took place.

Carll Hayes's new album enitled 'Lovers and Leavers' is produced by Joe Henry and will be released on April 8th.

NPR has a first song online, and it is wonderful !


Edit 27 February, 2016

Listen to a second song, wich reminds me a lot of Mark Lanegan, so I'm a fan !

vrijdag 8 januari 2016

JH Producing Luísa Sobral

Joe is back in the studio working on a new Production project.

Portuguese artist Luísa Sobral started recording her 4th album in LA, and approached Joe as a producer.

Joe Henry :
"In my job as a producer, I receive a lot of new music to hear and evaluate; and as diligent as I try to be to give all its due, I find more than not that I know within moments if the songs are truly speaking to me, and whether or not I have something to offer them in return.
Such was the case when I was first approached about working with Luisa Sobral: I was barely a verse into the first song demo that I heard when I knew that I wanted to work with her, and would if invited. I heard a fully-formed songwriter at work, and knew too that she was fully committed to the process, possessing both a point of view, and an open-hearted, collaborative spirit.
I don't need much else to go on. Songs are always the compass blade pointing the way forward; and when the artist is invested in following that direction, I know that real discovery is possible. And discovery is whole game where music is concerned." (source)

Source : FB page Luisa Sobral

Here is a song from her debut album, released in 2014.

woensdag 6 januari 2016

In Close Contact

In Close Contact is a crowdfunding project from Jacob Blickenstaff.

Jacob Blickenstaff  is a Photographer and journalist who interviewed, and made portraits of some wonderful artists.

Since I post of it, there is off course Joe Henry, but besides him there are f.e. : Jackson Browne, Dr. John, Yo La Tengo, Daniel Lanois, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Robert Glasper, Steve Earle, Richard Thompson and Blake Mills.

The goal is to be able to deliver quality prints of these portraits, together with interviews with these artists.

Jacob has today reached 74 % of his goal, and 22 days left to make it.

Visit the following page to pledge.