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maandag 29 april 2019

New Rising Appalachia single (featuring Ani DiFranco)

Listen to this wonderful new single from Rising Appalachia's upcoming album.

The single is entitled : "Speak Out", and was Premiered at brooklynvegan.com

The song features Ani DiFranco.

"Our all-time favorite righteous musician/activist/hero/babe Ani DiFranco textured it perfectly with her anthemic and potent voice, and brought our full vision to life here.”
Rising Appalachia 

Rising Appalachia's album is coming out this friday the 3rd.

Full Tracklist:
I Believe In Being Ready
Speak Out (Featuring Ani DiFranco)
Love Her In The Mornin’
Shed Your Grace (Featuring Trevor Hall)
Make Magic
Sunny Days
Indigo Dance (Featuring Maurice Turner)

donderdag 4 april 2019

Solo @ Largo at the Coronet

After some cancelled shows, it seems Joe has been preparing something special if you live around L.A.

Casting a cold eye on Life,
on Death 

He will be singing old and new songs. A few weeks ago, Joe told me he had written some new songs, so possibly you will be hearing some of those.

Get your tickets....