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vrijdag 8 juli 2016

Prospects of a new solo album

I guess a lot of us were wondering it, but it was Steve Dawson who popped the Question :

"When will we hear another solo record from you ?"

It is part of a fantastic interview he did with Joe, and is available in 2 podcasts. And I repeat : Take a couple of hours, and listen to them : FAN-TAS-TIC !

But towards the subject of a new album.
Joe spoke about this. Some highlights, but much more on the podcasts itself :

........I'm actually gonna do an acoustic guitar-and-vocal demo session later this week, where I need to record 12 things or so, so I don't forget them. And that's sort of the beginning.......
........I like the idea of making a record before this year is out, but I haven't figured out how,............

......I really love recording, and love recording songs when they are verry, kind of viciourly alive.  I wouldn't want to rest them for a year, and come back to and say "OK what excited me about this ?".....

Steve Dawson podcasts : A must listen if you love Joe's Work !

Hey all,

As a follow up, on 2 weeks earlier.
I've finally gotten around to listen to part 2 of the Music Makers and Soul Shakers podcast.

To be short : It's a must. Take a couple of hours of, and listen !...

...listen to Joe's history on becoming a producer, working with T-Bone Burnett, Solomon Burke,  Ornette Coleman, Bonnie Raitt,.... Listen on last years move from the Garfield house.

And the most exciting news maybe, the prospects of a new solo album...

Heads up on Acoustic Guitar Magazine oct. 2016

Acoustic Guitar Magazine's october issue will feature Joe Henry and Billy Bragg .

It will be on sale, as of september 6th.

Update August 20, 2016 :
read it online.

donderdag 7 juli 2016

Releasedate set for Chely Wright's album

Chely Wright's album 'I am The Rain' will be released on september 9th.
The album was recorded between 7 and 11 September 2015 in L.A. : at Sunset Sound studio 3. Joe produced, and provided musicians.

Who were these musicians Joe provided ? well :
Engineer/Mixer : Ryan Freeland
Guitar : Adam Levy
Guitar : Mark Goldenberg
Pedal Steel guitar : Eric Heywood
Bass : David Piltch
Keyboard : Patrick Warren
woodwind & more : Levon Henry
 Drums Jay Bellerose

Special Guests on the album are : Emmylou Harris, The Milk Carton Kids, and Rodney Crowell.

Ryan Freeland: Very nice to be back with Joe Henry at Sunset Sound studio 3. The last time we worked in this room was for Aimee Mann's album Forgotten Arm.

In the following weeks, apparently some videomaterial will be released with studiofootage and commentary. She will also announce a tour to promote it.

Track listing :
1. “Inside”
2. “Where Will You Be”
3. “At the Heart of Me”
4. “You Are the River”
5. “Holy War”
6. “What About Your Heart”
7. “Pain”
8. “Tomorrow Is a Long Time”
9. “Blood and Bones and Skin”
10. “Mexico”
11. “Next to Me”
12. “Halona”
13. “See Me Home”

Main source : Taste of Country

Joe Producing Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce, who we know best as an actor in f.e. Memento, L.A. Confidential, The Hurt Locker,.... has announced he is currently working on a new album, produced by Joe Henry.

It is not the first time, Guy and Joe worked together. Guy Pearce played the lead in the Movie 'A slipping-down life' (1999). Besides that, he sang on the soundtrack. This one was produced by Joe. 

The soundtrack was released only 5 years later in 2004.

Now it seems these 2 artists are working together while I type these words.

July 8th, Update : The band consists of : Adam Levy, David Piltch, Patrick Warren and Jay Bellerose.

July 9th, Update : 
Levon Henry on reeds 

Note to myself : I really need to work on Joe's Filmography page over here.

woensdag 6 juli 2016

New Lisa Hannigan Song co-written with Joe

Lisa Hannigan, who previously had her record Passenger produced by Joe, is releasing a new album "At Swim" on August 19th.  No, it is not produced by Joe, that seat is taken this time by Aaron Dessner from The National.

The leadsong "Fall" was co-written by Joe. A Wonderful clip was released : enjoy it.


Besides making Passenger together, they toured together all over the world. Lisa does also do Vocals on Lead me on.

The L&N don't stop here anymore clip.

What a great rendition of this Johnny Cash tune ! (It was recorded in Chicago Union Station.)

Edit : I learn everyday myself. It seems Jean Ritchie was first !