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Note : All the movies where a 'Joe Henry-Song' is used, are not included.

  • 1999 A slipping-down life
Producer of Guy Pearce's performance, Producer of the accompanying Soundtrack. (The Soundtrack was released 5 years later.)

  • 2000 : Jesus' Son
Engineer, Composer and producer for the soundtrack. He performed the title track, and 'unchain my heart'.  (famous for Joe Cocker's version).

  • 2007 : I'm not there
Produced several songs on the soundtrack : (read) 

  • 2007 : Knocked Up
Together with Loudon Wainwright III Joe composed and produced the original music for the movie 'Knocked up'. Their work for this movie resulted in Loudon Wainwright III's album 'Strange Weirdos, Music from and inspired by the film Knocked Up'. 'You can't fail me now' first appeared on this album, with Loudon singing it.
Here's an article on scoring the movie.

  • 2009 : Motherhood
Composed, Arranged and Produced the Original Score. 

  • 2010 : Country Strong
Produced the song 'Travis' song', featured in the film.  

  • 2010 : Passion Play
Chose the Backing Tracks for the movie, and produced 2 songs performed by Jimmy Scott.

  • 2011 : Red State
produced the hymns Michael Parks sings in the film. There was also an album 'the red state sessions', which featured Michael Parks' singing.

  • 2014 :Pleased to meet Me
Actor (Studio Engineer, Terence)

  • 2015 : Love the Coopers
Music consultant.  Check out an interview with Joe.

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