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dinsdag 23 oktober 2018

Rosanne Cash, the 'She Remembers Everything Memory Box'

Rosanne Cash's upcoming album 'She Remembers Everything' is set to be released on November 2nd.

In the wake of the latest tsunami of survivor stories, Cash has had to contend with the fact that much of what she hoped would change across her lifetime really hasn't.  It’s a reality that is reflected in her deliberate embrace of women’s narratives on the new album.  "There is a woman’s real life, complex experiences and layered understanding in these songs," Rosanne says. "I could not have written them 10 years ago—not even close. Time is shorter, I have more to say."

There will be a limited edition for this release called the 'She Remembers Everything Memory Box'.

This box includes personal letters of correspondence signed by Rosanne, and exchanged between her and T-Bone Burnett, Elvis Costello, Sam Phillips, Joe Henry, Tucker Martine, and John Leventhal while conceptualizing the album.

Besides that, this special edition will also include :
  • Bird On A Blade illustrated book
  • 8” x 10” printed lithograph featuring an original Dan Rizzie illustration from Bird On A Blade
  • Exclusive Rosanne Cash with Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams Live at SFJAZZ CD recorded at her 2017 Artist In Residency with Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams
  • 180g pink disc vinyl album
  • Deluxe casebound CD
  • Digital download redemption card

Pre-order yours on her website

donderdag 18 oktober 2018

My musings on 'This too shall light'

They all made this Masterpiece !

The difficult part in writing this, is with whom do I start ? There will always be someone’s name to mention first. But there is an entire team who all helped in creating this masterpiece during those 4 days in L.A. You can hear all of them. You might not be able to pin the name to some things, but they are there.

On the other hand, it is very easy writing this, because it all started with someone having the idea of making a record, and asking Joe Henry to steer the ship, and help assemble the crew. That person is Amy Helm.

She made this true beauty, backed up by these great musicians, all of it perfectly mixed and channeled for us to listen. Not only does she have this powerful voice, but it is of a gifted beauty. Something you can enjoy extremely in f.e. ‘Heaven’s holding me’ (co-written with Paul Olsen, Theodore Pecchio and Joe Henry).
All over the album there are other voices to enjoy. Most of the time, people call them backing vocals, but I’m glad they are credited over here as Harmony Vocals. Because they’re not there to back up Amy, but to bring the song up to a higher level. Allison Russell & JT Nero (Birds of Chicago) together with Adam Minkoff (who also plays acoustic guitar) provide that, not to be underestimated, layer.

The album opens with title track ‘This too shall light’ (MC Taylor, John Kaufman).  You immediately catch the energy of what comes to you through the speakers. You can't stay passive . It lifts your spirits up. No matter how dark and long it sometimes can be,…. “This too shall light”. Jay Bellerose’s drumming builds it up beyond compare. That’s not drumming, that’s energy!  What a great song. I already need to give kudos to Ryan Freeland behind the desk. He ensures the extra greatness of this record. The reverb in this song is just 1 item that displays this. Oh, And who’s idea was it, to end the song in nothing but vocal Harmony ? Brilliant ! This song alone made me happy when I first heard it, and we’re just opening the show.
It continues with 'Odetta' (Joe Henry). Even more than Joe’s original version, this is a worship, a prayer. It's like a street parade that you can't just only watch. You join in. And the further you walk, the more people join you. Rise up !

'Michigan' (Milk Carton Kids), maybe is the most powerful song on the album.
For me, it is a song about the loss of something strong. Somehow you couldn’t bring closure to it.  When my father died years ago, it all went fast. We were expecting that call you don’t want to receive. You have to deal with it, but you can’t.
The more powerful the connection, the more it hurts.

So when she calls don't send her my way
When it hurts most it's the right thing

Michigan's in the rearview now
Keep your hands where I can see them
You took the words right out of my mouth
When you knew that I would need them
What am I supposed to do now
Without you

There where the original displays the sadness, Amy’s version shows you how much it hurts, and after this one, you know how much. What a strong performance !

Allen Toussaint’s ‘Freedom for the stallion’ remains a necessary song in these times. Keep it in mind when you need to choose your leaders. It’s recorded on this album, as if they where standing in a cathedral. Amy Helm’s voice can carry it.  The Guitar playing by Doyle Bramhall II is clear in the mix, just like it is in ‘Mandolin Wind’ (Rod Stewart). 'The stones that I throw' (Jaime Robbie Robertson) remembers us, that our choices, everyone’s actions, can help create a better world. After that we get 'Long Daddy Green' (Blossom Dearie, David L. Frishberg), a very atmospheric song about elements from the past that, at the time, seemed a good thing, but turned out otherwise. Slowly you forget them, but never completely. There is always a moment it’s brought back to your memory. It haunts you, just like this song. It is followed by a wonderful 'River of Love' (T Bone Burnett).

So now, we’re only left with friends in ‘Gloryland’. A traditional arranged by Amy Helm and her late father Levon Helm. A true gospel of saying goodbye to this life.

so weep not friends, I'm going home…