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dinsdag 31 juli 2018

Glen Hansard joining Joe on stage

According to author Phil Hanrahan, Joe Henry will be joined on stage by Glen Hansard at his gig at Burren College of Art. (October 13th)

If this info is indeed correct, it's a wonderful favor-in-return, from Glen towards Joe. A few months ago, Joe was a guest at Glen Hansard's concert in L.A.

...And I think this is the Towerhouse...

Edit August 1th 
This info has been confirmed. Also Lisa Hannigan will be on stage during that show.

zaterdag 28 juli 2018

Mid-summer update

A Short Film in 4 Chapters

A few weeks ago Steve Lippman released his short movie : Life Saving, a Short Film in 4 Chapters with Joe Henry.

Steve Lippman also directed some videoclips, which where used as promotion for 'Thrum'. It looks like this new Short Film has also come out of these sessions.
In this wonderful poetic film, you'll find Joe, together with Levon, playing some songs from 'Thrum' plus a narrative spoken by Joe. All these combined with the wonderful images. I usually seek words to describe what art does to me, but I'm going to limit it this time to explaining that this film blends in perfectly with everything I have already thought about, experienced around, and heard from 'Thrum'.

Steve Lippman accompanies the release of this clip with some musings on the time that has passed since he met Joe. A 'Mosaic of his memory' he calls it.  Make sure to read that.

I first met and collaborated with Joe Henry in the autumn of 2003, directing a short experimental film, Tiny Voices, featuring music from his album of the same name and fragments of hard-boiled monologues Joe wrote and spoke....continue reading.

Circling around this clip we discover two things to look forward to : In his musings, Steve Lippman writes :   "He(Joe) became part of the creative team of an ambitious project of mine not yet made."
And also : Joe's son, Levon. informs us that "Joe will be more publicly poem-ing in the near future..."(source : Facebook)

Ireland Performances


In the beginning of the month, I already discovered that Joe was performing a show in Ireland. That turned out to be just 1 date out of 5. Info and tickets about these dates you'll find on Joe's official pages.

I remain tempted to cross the waters over there, but it's a period for me that looks like it will not offer any time for such a luxury. But I'll keep that door open.

Apart from these 2 items there is not a lot of news to tell. The only thing that you can discover regarding possible productional projects, is a reply from Ryan Freeland to Joe on FB saying : "I'm all yours in 2 weeks". 

Greetings to all,

donderdag 5 juli 2018

Performance in Ireland

1 more before we leave for the holidays.

According to http://bluegrassireland.blogspot.com/ Joe will be performing on september 15th at Leap Castle in Ireland.

Veteran promoter Tom Stapleton sends this message to all patrons of his shows at Leap Castle (above), Co. Offaly, between Birr and Roscrea, Co. Tipperary:

Lucy and myself thank you for support and interest in Leap Castle gigs and hope you continue to enjoy them. We are taking a break for the summer and will return with the great Joe Henry 15 Sept. Have a lovely summer.

Enjoy the Holidays,
I'll be back in a few weeks.