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donderdag 12 mei 2016

Productional updates

acknowledgements go to David for all this info !

There are some production projects Joe did, I wasn't aware of.

Rose Cousins

Canadian singer-songwriter Rose Cousins has recorded her upcoming album with Joe in the producers' seat. To finance it all she organised a crowdfunding campaign.

2 Updates from the campaign :

February 2nd :
I've spent the month of January communicating with my producer Mr. Joe Henry trying to figure out the best plan for the wheres and whens of the new record! 
We have decided that we will record it in TORONTO starting Feb 28. We are carefully selecting musical characters from both LA and Toronto and I'm still working on a few tunes! ............And I'm excited to play with some of my friends and some incredible friends of Joe's!

March 5th
I head to bed in the wee hours feeling incredibly exhausted and completely satisfied with the deeply moving week of music I've just made with Joe Henry & Team. We recorded 14 songs in 4 days and added flourishes over the last two while listening back. As truly visceral and magical as I dreamed it could be. more later after some sleep .....#kicked
You can pre order the record on her site, and get it before the releasedate, which is announced for the end of the year or beginning 2017. 

Here is a song from her album 'We have made a spark'(2012)

Son of the Velvet Rat

Discovery of the year, this band is to me. Never heard of them, So I looked'm up, and wow! I love it. Got to keep following these musicians.

Son of the Velvet Rat is the project of Austrian Songwriter Georg Altziebler together with his wife Heike Binder on organ and accordion. The couple recently relocated to the California desert, leaving behind an impressive band history with 5 albums to their credit.

In a great article entitled Highway 62 Revisited Maggie Downs writes :
Right now, Son of the Velvet Rat is one of those bands on the brink, poised to make a big splash with its next album. It’s a production with Joe Henry, who has worked with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Billy Bragg, and Elvis Costello.
Velvet Rat’s sound is where punk rock, folk tunes, and French chansons intersect. Georg scrawls song lyrics on any available surface, including thin cigarette rolling papers; sometimes the lines are shoved into a pocket and lost, but most of the time they become something. Heike plays keyboards, accordion, and tambourine, and her voice creates the pure, vulnerable foundation underneath Georg’s scruffy croon.

Bonnie Raitt 

Bonnie Raitt has released her album 'Dig in Deep'. Joe Henry produced and wrote the song "You've changed my mind".  Joe played also Acoustic Guitar on the track.

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