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vrijdag 20 mei 2016

First live performance of 'Shine a light' songs

Billy Bragg and Joe Henry performed some songs of their upcoming album at the NonCOMM event yesterday, an event organised by WXPN.

Listen over here to a few songs, and some words on the recording of this project.

Throughout the set Bragg told stories of their railtrip, which began in Chicago, wound its way through the midwest and Texas and ended in Los Angeles. They recorded the album of covers at train stations during brief stops for the most part, though one song was recorded in the same Gunter Hotel room as the Robert Johnson sessions. (NonCOMM Recap)

One thing is for sure it is wonderful to hear these songs live.

There are lots of pictures and a videoclip from 'In the Pines' to be found on NonCOMM Recap.

setlist :
John Henry
In The Pines
Railroad Bill
Gentle On My Mind

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