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maandag 16 mei 2016

New Joe Henry/Billy Bragg album announced

Exciting news came to us all today.

Joe Henry and Billy Bragg recorded a record together entitled

Shine a light, Field Recordings from the great American Railroad

It will be released on September 23, 2016.
In March 2016 Billy Bragg and Joe Henry, guitars in hand, boarded a Los Angeles-bound train at Chicago’s Union Station looking to reconnect with the culture of American railroad travel and the music it inspired. Winding along 2,728 miles of track over four days, the pair recorded classic railroad songs in waiting rooms and at trackside while the train paused to pick up passengers.

This quote comes from the wonderful accompanying website. It has for instance some short clips from the recordings. But you can also pre-order the record on that site,

and to add some more excitement : 

A US/UK tour is announced to promote this record.  

The US leg takes place in September and October. In November they will be in the UK. (A trip to the UK for me is coming up, so it seems )

Find all info on the 'Shine a Light' website

and of course, I'll keep an eye out for you on this subject off course.

Update : UK tourdates are available as of May 17th.US tourdates, depending on the show, between 20 May and 26 May.
Update II : Dates for the Nashville Music Festival will be announced later on. The festival takes place between september 20 and september 25. 

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