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dinsdag 31 mei 2016

Nowhere Else Fest.

OK, about last weekend's Nowhere Else Fest.

I must stop reading everyone's stories and looking at all of their pictures. It is aching me to see the joy and companionship I had to miss,...Sigh

Picture by David K.

For those who were there, it seems every word I will add, probably can not express the experiences they had. 

If you also had to miss it :
Nowhere Else Festival was the inauguration of 'Nowhere Farm', the Residence of Over The Rhine. 
Of course, Over The Rhine performed there, but aside them also : Joe Henry, Levon Henry, Blind boys of Alabama(who baptist the farm), Birds of Chicago, The Comet Bluegrass All-Stars, and many more,...
The weekend was filled with music, art, lectures about it,....

Lots of pictures to be found, but make sure to check out N. SHA's flickr page.  

But Most of all, my fellow blogger David was there, and has captured how it was for him. So be sure to check his blogpost.

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