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vrijdag 23 mei 2014

Joe Henry 'Live' at my home BBQ

Today, Joe played live for free at noon. Free at noon is a live radio broadcast from WXPN and takes place in the world cafe live in philadelphia.

Although the concert is at noon,..... for me (Belgium) it was 18:00h, and time for dinner. Summer has just set in, and we did our first family barbecue with our little family.

"Honey, can you go quickly to the store to get...?"
"Daddy, can we organise all the vegetables ?...."

Well I must say, this is the 1th BBQ  I did, with Joe Henry playing 'live' in the back. I guess a laptop and internet has it's advantages...

First Apache relay played their set. I had never heard of them. It was nice to get to know them. I can't explain it, but it felt verry natural hearing them, and knowing they were opening for Joe Henry. thank you guys !

But we all waited for Joe Henry. Of course the emphasis was on the new songs. I heard some of them before, in Dublin last August. 'Lead me on' and 'Sparrow' are already available to listen to. But nothing beats hearing Joe Henry play live.
The greatness of Joe also displays in his care for all the listeners, also those listening to the radio. In his own way, he made me feel part of the crowd by joking around while he was tuning his guitar. Not all artists are aware of such things, but as a radio listener it feels great to be 'there', miles and miles away in real life.
I'm not going into specific songs, and versions of songs, The most important thing for me was hearing Joe Henry perform again.  he get's to me, everytime.

It was the perfect appetizer for seeing him during his upcoming tour. This show was like spring telling me summer is coming.....

P.S. It's probably a coîncidence, but as soon as the broadcast was done, dark clouds came in, and we needed to flee inside for the rain.

setlist : 
Eyes out for you
Invisible Hour
Lead me On
Grave angels
Plain speak
Like she was a hammer

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