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woensdag 14 mei 2014

Invisible Hour : Wonderful review by Josh Hurst

God is in the details has an exclusive review of Invisible Hour by none other then Josh Hurst.

I don't exagerate when I say it is a wonderful review. It's truly a must-read.

It is actually impossible to pick out quotes from it, without diminishing the value of the entire article.

So please forgive me for taking out these 2 parts :

"Truthfully, he could have self-titled it and none of us would have raised an eyebrow. He has never sung with more conviction or clarity, never written songs that so deftly abide mystery while inviting emotional investment; they are funny and literary and seemingly closer to confessional singer-songwriting than the man has allowed himself to come in the past. Invisible Hour is the best conjuring of everything that Joe Henry does well, the surest and more generous he has ever been as a performer..."

"Of course, there’s another Joe Henry song that echoes throughout this latest hour of music, and it is perhaps his most beloved: “I rise and fall with you/ And you can’t fail me now,” he sang once before, and Invisible Hour is nothing if not a collection of love songs that look back over the rising and the falling, over the rough and tumble (“salt and sugar, tooth and nail…”). And true enough: In its elegance and its grit, its reaching upward and inward for the sublime and its kicking up of earth and dust, it offers a bruised and beating heart to us; doesn’t mask the pain of doing so but does bear glorious witness to the transformation that it brings; bids us do the same. Like the love it speaks of, the record stands ready to seduce and change us, if only we allow it."

But again, it's a must-read to do entirely. Do it here

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