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maandag 26 mei 2014

Invisible hour reviews

When you motor away 
Invisible Hour is a beautiful and flawlessly executed record. I can't recommend it highly enough. And you can now stream it in its entirety at the First Listen feature at NPR's radio page, link here. But no one can digest something this deep and majestic via a stream or two, so please be sure to go buy this one.

The globe and mail
Sunset is near; Joe Henry makes it sound so sweet.

Das vom Schriftsteller Colum McCann mitgeschriebene Titelstück, der sanfte Swing von „Lead Me On“, die düstere Moritat „Sign“ - das sind wieder einmal kluge, perfekt instrumentierte und mit großer Intensität gesungene Lieder für den Songwriter-Olymp.

(The, co-written by the writer Colum McCann, title track, the gentle swing of "Lead Me On", the somber ballad "Sign" - these are once again clever, perfectly orchestrated and sung with great intensity Songs for the songwriter Olympics. )

dagbladet kultur
Album nummer 13 er Joe Henrys beste pa 13 ar.

(Album nr 13 is Joe Henry's best in 13 years.)

Janmertensblogspot (Dutch)
En na het bezoek aan een oude kerk of een wijs museum kom je buiten, een beetje als een ander mens. Het is alsof je een soort voorzichtige gloed voelt over je huid, alsof je iets weet of minstens iets gezien hebt. De mogelijkheid van schoonheid. Zo voel je je ook een beetje, nadat de laatste noten van Invisible Hour zijn verdwenen. Wat een mooie plaat…

(And after a visit to an old church, or a cool museum you exit, a bit like a different person. It's like you're feeling a careful glow on your skin, like you know something, or at least saw something. The possibility of beauty. That's how you feel a little, after the last notes of 'Invisible Hour' are gone. What a beautiful record.....)

 Invisible Hour er en musikalsk lise for sjælen, der ved gennemlytning åbner sig med underspillet ynde.

(Invisible Hour is a musical balm for the soul which, through listening opens with understated grace. )

read the translation here. (many thanks to Ivan Laic, for helping translating, and giving his permission).

www.bergamonews.it (Italian)
enola.be (Dutch)
dekrentenuitdepop.blogspot (Dutch)
Kindamusic (Dutch)

.tagesanzeiger (german)
It starts with discussing the song 'sign'
With «Sign» Joe Henry has written one of the most poignant folk songs of the past few years for its new, thirteenth album.

altcountryforum.nl (Dutch)
Warwick McFadyen
Joe Henry doesn’t just strum a chord and sing a melody, he builds and paints, models and sketches sound into a poetry of song.


Rob Dickens
An invisible Hour well spent.

for more reviews visit : god is in the details

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