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maandag 31 maart 2014

LA times Blog about Invisible Hour

Pop & Hiss, The music blog of the LA times. made a blogpost about the song 'lead me on', featured on 'Invisible hour.

"It’s an emotionally raw, folk-rooted ballad of romantic and spiritual yearning that reflects much of the album’s unfussy production......"

.........'Lead Me On,’ in particular, is one of the most stripped-down things on the album,” said Henry,.......The song, which features harmony vocals by Irish musician Lisa Hannigan, also has musical echoes of vintage folk-country music, and Henry reflects on some level the time he has spent in recent years with Kris Kristofferson.
“I have a memory of communicating by email with Kris’ wife, Lisa, and telling her, ‘I’m writing a song at this moment that sort of speaks to me in a way that Kris speaks, or has spoken to me historically,' " he said. "It has a romantic scene is in the foreground, but it stands to represent a wider view of living......."

read the full article here.

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