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zondag 30 maart 2014

Invisible Hour : the musicians and their history with Joe

How well do all these fine musicians know eachother ? I made a summary about it. If I forgot something, or made mistakes, please let me know. I'll adjust the info.

The group of musicians is a mix of people Joe has worked with for over 2 decades, and also knewer people.  

Jay Bellerose
The History of Jay and Joe goes back to 2001. Jay played drums on the song 'animal skin'. Wich was featured on the 'Ground work : act to reduce hunger' compilation. (Later this song was part of 'tiny voices'.)
After that, Jay played on numerous albums Joe produced, and was also a drummer on 'Tiny Voices', 'Civilians', 'blood from the stars' and 'reverie'.

Jennifer Condos
Bassplayer Jennifer's first encounter with Joe was for the album 'Fuse'(1999), where she played bass. After that she played also bass on 'Tiny voices' and 'blood from the stars'.
She also played on a couple of songs Joe produced for other musicians.

Levon Henry
Saxplayer Levon is Joe's son. He also played on the album 'blood from the stars'.

Greg Leisz
Guitarplayer Greg made his first appearance for Joe on the album 'Civilians'. He also worked on the score for the movie 'knocked up', which Joe Henry co-produced with Loudon Wainwright III

John Smith
This is the first album from Joe where John is playing. He has toured with him in the last few years.

David Piltch

Bass player David has been playing with Joe since the album Scar (2001). Only on the Album 'Tiny Voices' he doesn't appear. He also appeared on numerous albums Joe has produced.

The milk carton kids
The milk carton kids have no history on playing with Joe. But they are under the ANTI label. Joe has written a foreword for 2 of their albums.
For 'american songwriter', the milk carton kids wrote their appreciation for Joe. You can read it here.

Lisa Hannigan
Lisa Hannigan began working with Joe around 2010/2011. He produced her album 'passenger'. She did guest vocals on his album 'reverie'. After that, they toured regularely together.

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