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maandag 31 maart 2014

Joe plays 'boxer' on the Paul Simon tribute tonight.

Joe announced that he will play 'boxer' on the 'Paul Simon' tribute tonight. He will be backed up by his son Levon, and by Kenneth Pattengale. (Kenneth is part of  'the milk carton kids' who are backingvocals on Joe's new album)

 (from facebook)
(picture of the venue)...this will be my scene for a brief few moments tonight, as i sing "the boxer" --with kenneth pattengale and Levon Henry in tow-- and in the company of such dear friends as allen toussaint, Bettye LaVette, and john doe (among a cast of thousands).
the world can be rugged; and, in flashes, can offer wonder and untold affirmations. tomorrow night, those affirmations, i believe, are due to paul simon; but we who are their conduit shall also be blessed.
love to all...

Here is Paul Simon doing it.

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