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vrijdag 1 juni 2018

Big Ears Knoxville (Book project)

Exciting News !

Photograher Kate Joyce is working on a photobook with photo's made during the Big Ears festival 2014-2018.

The book will consist of approximately 90 photographs, a download card with a selection of audio recordings from performances at Big Ears between 2014-2018, and essays by Rachel Grimes and Joe Henry.

The photographs were made under the influence of music. The book is a distinct visual experience that developed out of, and exists precisely because of, Big Ears.

More than 200 artists and bands have performed Big Ears between 2014-2018. During the five years that I traveled to Knoxville for Big Ears, I photographed some of the people on this list, but not nearly all of them. Of those I photographed, just a few will be in this book. I heard many of the performances, many were memorable and a few were life changing. I photographed during some of these performances, but most of them were un-photographable (better heard than seen). Sometimes I only photographed a sound check or rehearsal.

During my time at Big Ears, I also walked around Knoxville, leaving the theaters and clubs to make pictures on the streets. As I wandered, my mind remained tethered to the musical event.(Kate Joyce)

Find all the info on her website : https://www.kate-joyce.com/big-ears-knoxville-2018

In 2016, Joe Henry performed at the Big Ears Festival together with Marc Ribot.  

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