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zaterdag 9 april 2016

Joe Henry & Marc Ribot @ Big Ears festival 2016

Last week Joe performed at the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, together with none other than Marc Ribot.  Besides Marc Ribot : Levon Henry joined them on stage for a few songs on saxophone.

Marc Ribot is one of my favorite guitarplayers. He appears on Joe's albums 'Reverie' and 'Blood from the Stars'.

I've seen Marc perform some of his own projects, I've seen him perform in John Zorn's ensembles, and I had the privilege to see him perform with some worldfamous musical artists. But together with Joe, no that remains on the bucketlist......
So a warm appeal to extend this concert into a tour passing through Europe...

There is not a lot to be found about this concert.   But the info that is out there, will give you a wonderful insight in that evening.

Josh Hurst, someone who has the biggest appreciation of Joe's work, was there and wrote a review. Read it on the joehenryblog.

"...and personally, I stand by my conviction that Joe’s set was worth the Big Ears admission price all on its own."

Some Picture can be found on the Big Ears FB page.
Here is one :
Photo by Bill Foster

You can find some audience video recordings on the net, with pretty good quality. Watching them I saw a breathtaking version of 'After the war', and that was only the 3th song of the evening. What it must have been later on the evening.....

It's difficult for me to assemble a setlist, with the small amount of info out there. From what I did found I can puzzle the following : edit : Thank you Josh for updates.

-Trampoline (Joe Solo)
-After the War
-Eyes out for you (+ Levon Henry)
-All Blues Hail Mary (+ Levon Henry)
-Civil War

(from here on I don't know the order)
-Parker's mood
-Like she was a hammer

last songs :
-Slide (+ Levon Henry)

If you were fortunate enough to see this concert, and would like to share your experience, feel free to leave a comment, or a message.

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