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vrijdag 22 juni 2018

This too shall Light

Rolling Stone has more info on the Upcoming Amy Helm album.

It will be entitled 'This too shall light', and it will be released on September 21st.

The album will  feature originals alongside covers of songs by T Bone Burnett, Allen Toussaint, Blossom Dearie, Rod Stewart and even her late great dad Levon Helm's old group the Band.

'Recording took four days in L.A. , with no vocal overdubs and two takes or less on almost every song. To keep things fresh, Henry even went so far as asking Helm not to get to know the songs too well before the recording.'

"He (JH) did not want me to get too familiar with them," Helm says. "He wanted it to be undiscovered, and he had a very specific thing he wanted us to emulate – Delaney & Bonnie's album Motel Shot, which is very loose and live. That was our true North."

Listen to the title track:


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