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maandag 29 augustus 2016

Anthony Wilson concert + special guests

On Sept. 18, 2016 Anthony Wilson will perform together with his band 'The Curators'. at Largo at the Coronet, L.A..  The Curators on duty are : Jim Keltner, Mike Elizondo, Petra Haden, and Patrick Warren.
 2 Special guests are announced : Gaby Moreno and Joe Henry.

Anthony Wilson is a guitarist, composer and arranger known for a nuanced body of work that moves fluidly across moods and genres.
With ten wide-ranging solo albums to his credit, Wilson's first recording -- the eponymous Anthony Wilson (1997) -- garnered a Grammy nomination for Best Large Ensemble Jazz Recording. His fourth, Power of Nine (2006) featuring his nonet, was included in the New Yorker's roundup of that year's top-ten jazz albums.

While his home is jazz, Wilson has performed live and recorded with a diverse roster of artists including Diana Krall, Paul McCartney, Leon Russell, Willie Nelson, and Aaron Neville.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Wilson is the son of the late jazz trumpeter and bandleader, Gerald Wilson.

For tickets, visit the 'Largo at the Coronet' Website.

Anthony Wilson has a new album out called Frogtown. It was produced by Mike Elizondo and featured Mike Elizondo on bass & moog bass; Petra Haden on violin; Patrick Warren on keyboards; Jim Keltner & Matt Chamberlain on drums and percussion.
On top of them : Guestmusicians  Charles Lloyd on tenor saxophone; Josh Nelson on piano; Jesse Harris on harmonica ; Bob Reynolds on tenor saxophone; Dan Rosenboom on trumpet and Adam Schroeder on baritone saxophone & bass clarinet. 

What to expect from Anthony an joe ?

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