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woensdag 7 september 2016

Joe and Billy's AmericanaFest timetable.

The timeschedule for AmericanaFest has been anounced.

Joe will sit in on a reading session for T-Bone Burnett's biographyT Bone Burnett: A Life in Pursuit. This will happen on Thursday, September 22, 12:30pm - 1:45pm at  Howlin' Books

 There will be 2 shows together with Billy Bragg for 'the shine a light' tour. 

Thursday, September 22, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
  Union Station Hotel
Friday, September 23, 5:30pm - 6:30pm
  Grimey's New & Preloved Music
Earlier on, there was already anounced that Joe will present the Spirit of Americana Free Speech award to Billy Bragg on september 21.

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