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dinsdag 16 augustus 2016

Shine a light : clip and concerts

A new Video was released for the lovely 'Hobo's lullaby'. (It's so sweet to see Ryan Freeland, how he's enjoying it through his headphones)

From the LA Times
“ ‘Hobo’s Lullaby’ is a song I have known and loved since my mid-teens,” Henry said, “and though it was not written by Woody Guthrie — the man who, along with Lead Belly, was our patron saint throughout this project-= — it has long been reported to have been his favorite song; thus, we always associate it with him.
“We brought this song to bear in our process for a couple of reasons beyond that one,” he said. “It is a most beautiful melody to be sure; but more importantly, the song offers a glimpse not of people living on the margins of society, but of a downcast lot who nonetheless were inseparable from the fabric of this country at a particular moment, and remain so: those who must improvise a life beyond the hard lines drawn and forgotten by those of us who don’t know what it is like, truly, to be hanging on so tenuously to identity and dignity.”

The track is available on iTunes as a free “Instant Grat” download for those who pre-order the album. 


New UK shows have been added for January. This will bring them f.e. back to the already-sold-out show at Union Chapel in London. Most of those shows go on sale at the end of this week. Check out the itinerary for your nearest show !

In the meantime, Joe and Billy had their first show in Edinburgh yesterday.

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