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zondag 9 september 2018

Writing in Ireland

As you know, Joe is spending some time in Ireland these days. He recently finished producing a record for Rhiannon Giddens, and upcoming there are 5 concerts.

Besides that, there is also a Masterclass by Joe, Lisa Hannigan and Glen Hansard, followed by the last concert in the region.

Helas, the last show at Burren College is already sold out.

But Joe's work doesn't stop with these things. On top of that, Joe is there to write !

In a radio interview, that is now available as the David Fanning Podcast, Joe explaines that he was invited by Burren College in Ballyvaughan to do a 1,5 month long writing residency.
Follow the link below and listen to Joe talking about it. But keep up, because that showhost can speak mighty fast! (It's also a 20 minutes talk about Joe's influences and work.)


Oh, speaking of writing : Joe announced that a poem of his would be published for the first time in the New Yorker. You can find that one by following https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/09/10/death-of-sound

But now,  how is that writing going on in Ireland?

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