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zondag 23 september 2018

Lizz Wright, Turnhout, Belgium 22 sept. 2018

How we are treated over here !

Within 6 months we get to see Lizz Wright perform over here in Belgium.

She visited us with almost the same band as last time in Brussels. (The only change was Martin Kolarides on guitar)
The Musicians played the intro, Lizz walked on stage and gave us a little thing to get used to.  What happened to that wonderful long hair of yours? But, like she told us, "If your grandmother says it's much better that way, who are we to disagree?". But let's get on with the important stuff.

The show opened, just like in Brussels with 'Barley', followed by her wonderful rendition of 'Old Man' (Neil Young). After that the concert followed a different path. While last April, the emphasis was on her new songs from Grace,  yesterday we received a broader setlist of her songbook. It implied f.e. that we got to hear her perform Joe's 'Stop (Don't tell me)'. It is necessary over here to credit Nicholas D'Amato for that fantastic improvisation on Bass he did in this song. And it is only fair that I continue with the entire band : Bobby Sparks on Piano and Hammond, Brannen Temple on Drums, and off course Martin Kolarides on Guitar. Great together, but they also, all had their solo moments in the show, and received a well deserved aplausse from the audience for it. It fitted wonderfully with Lizz's singing. Every now and then, she took the tambourine, to add some more rhythm. And does she have rhythm ! And does she have a beautiful tambourine. I'm serious here, I'm really jealous of that object. If I'm not mistaken, it displays a wonderful seashell ?

The concert gradually build up to its highlights 'Grace' and 'Seems I'm never tired of loving you'. Stunning performances, but  I'll be honest over here, I'm still hoping to hear these songs with a live gospel choir.
After the encore, the houselights went on, and when we were already making our way out, Lizz came back on stage. "I realised I didn't say goodnight to you all"  And with that, she sweetly ended the evening and wished us a good night, and a safe trip home.

Slowly, reports are coming in that she will be back in our regions, again after 6 months. Oh, how we are treated over here....
Don't forget that Gospel choir now.


If you remember from the last time at her concert I wrote a little bit on Smartphone use. We sat verry close to the stag this time, and the seat next to me was empty. As if the Devil himself was involved, as soon as the houselights went off, a more professional (seeing her equipment) came to sit next to me for half of the show, and shot pictures with a lens long enough to hit my head from where she was sitting. click-click-click next to my ear, followed by checking the display if the picture was useful.

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