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maandag 28 augustus 2017

Lauralee (with/for Andrew Combs)

A little while ago Joe Co-Wrote the song 'Lauralee' with (and for) Andrew Combs.

And with that : a new segment of this virtual universe is made. A page with the songs Joe wrote (or helped to write) for others.

I used to love to watch the wind 
Fall and lift again 
Your flowing hair
All I could do was stare 

That whispering quiet sound 
When it all came tumbling down 
Your skin all bare 
It just isn't fair 

Cause I still feel you in the air somehow 
Just like you were here, but you're not here now 

A word with wings 
That's all the wind sings

The bed that you once shared with me 
Lies there like my enemy 
Such a clever thief 
To steal my sleep 

Open windows, open eyes 
But the wind don't sing no lullabyes 
All I hear Is a voice, so clear 
Asking where in the world did you go 

After all my questions, 
I still don't know 

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