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donderdag 24 augustus 2017

Kenneth Pattengale's History with Joe

I was incredibly influenced by Joe's work as a producer. It explains a really special time in musical history, one where we should be verry proud of. It doesn't feel as distant in the past as the other things that have that affect on me. That was happening 15 years ago.
(Kenneth Pattengale)

Steve Dawson had Kenneth Pattengale as a guest for his Extraordinary podcast Musicmakers and soulshakers. A Podcast that already featured several JH Aficionado, including Joe Himself and Ryan Freeland.

In this episode (n°45) it was half of the Milk Carton Kids, Kenneth Pattengale's turn.

Listen to his musical path. And at the end of the almost 2 hour episode he explains how his relationship with Joe started and grew.  (starts at 1:34:30)
Listen f.e. to an excerpt of his 2009 duet with Joe entitled Big Time, but also maybe his biggest Horror story. ;-)

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