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woensdag 25 januari 2017

This saturday some Live tracks from Joe and Billy

This saturday, on BBC Radio 6 there will be an exclusive 4 Livetracks from the 'Shine a Light' show at Buxton Opera House. Tune in on the Tom Robinson Show.

Tune in at 21:00h local time.
Afterwards I'll keep you posted for a possible link to relisten.

Edit : 29 Januari 2017

BBC 6 aired the  following songs
  • Why we Build the wall (B. Bragg)
  • The Midnight Special (J. Henry & B. Bragg)
  • The L&N Don't stop here anymore (J. Henry & B. Bragg)
  • Between the Wars (B. Bragg)

You have 29 days to listen to the stream at BBC6. It starts at 36:50 min.  

I hoped in advance to hear Billy's version of Anaïs Mitchell's 'Why we build the wall', and there it was. Thanks for that. But, I must admit, and here is the Joe Henry fan speaking, I was a bit dissapointed in hearing 2 Solosongs by Billy Bragg , and none by Joe Henry. But no worries, these are great sounding performances. The songs aired are too important these days, not to share. So I guess the only solutions in this matter is airing the enitre show. Because it's too important !

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