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vrijdag 20 januari 2017

Farewell Mr. Obama

Joe Henry wrote today on FB, in his wonderful style, his emotion of saying goodby to President Obama. Today Joe is in Europe touring with Billy Bragg, and spreading the important message :

"This is not who we are, this is where we are."

Today? What do I do today?

Today, in comparison to 4 and 8 years ago, I don’t watch TV, or a webstream. I am at home, listening to music while I type. A new episode in World History begins. Donald Trump is the new President of the USA.
I’ve read, heard and seen political analyzers discuss the score of Barack Obama’s presidency. Over and over I heard them display facts about decisions and evolutions that would display him not as a great president. Measurable facts that a good president should accomplish. I can’t argue with that. I’m not a political analyst. But, indeed, there are facts which I also didn't like.  And then again,  I also think it is impossible to judge because we didn't have a full view of everything that went on behind the curtain.  The bigger picture.
For me : Barack Obama was not only a great president, he is also a great human being, who was the president of the USA. You can’t measure today the influence he will have on history.

I make a comparison with Art. You can’t (one on one) measure what the influence is of Art in a Society. But after decades you will see, and feel what happened to society, because we didn’t support Art.
I feel the same thing about Barack Obama’s Presidency. I am convinced it will only be after years to come that we will look back, and see the greatness he displayed.

Unfortunately we live at times where everything has to be measured, facts of the moment need to be checked, and evaluated. Consequences based on that. Even in Education and Arts it happens like that. (Strangly enough). We judge people, students, artists's future and past on those bases. But that's impossible! We look at the tree, while we should judge the forest.

That is something we need to change I think. As Human kind !

What  I really wanted to say : I will miss Obama : A great President !
What next ?
When it comes to displaying that ? I’m only at the ankles of B. Obama himself.


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