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vrijdag 21 oktober 2016

Shine a light.... Music that echoes long since...

A Blog entry to listen to..... and share your memories.

Joe and Billy are traveling around bringing us their version of all these classic songs from the railroad.

I assembled a playlist with earlier and original versions of the songs on the 'Shine a light' album. I enjoyed doing that, and I hope you'll equally enjoy listening to them. You'll find them in the same order as Joe and Billy's album.

But I'll not leave you only with this list, but als some other versions I like to share with you.

First off all, in their linernotes, Joe and Billy spoke of Riley Puckett who recorded for the first time 'Railroad Bill'. I guess I stumbled on the borders of Spotify's possibilities, because I couldn't find it there. But you need to hear it :

Riley Puckett : Railroad Bill

I listened to Harry Belafonte's 'Midnight Special' and to be honest, it became my favorite version. Can't stop moving !

Harry Belafonte : Midnight Special

When you are from my generation, there is no way around Nirvana's In the Pines. The anger that's in that one....

Nirvana : Where did you sleep tonight

Now, I'm sure there are other one's that belong to your memory. Feel free to share it in a comment or email : Beautiful versions, rare stuff, songs with a personal story... It's an open invitation to your story. (Smilingly I add : That includes you to, Joe and Billy. )


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