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dinsdag 18 oktober 2016

first Luísa Sobral track

Luísa sobral has released a first single of her upcoming album.

I don't know if it is available worldwide, so I hope you can hear it.

I love it ! A nice jazzy track that (I think) make her 1 of the current great female jazz singers.  The first influences I hear (for this song)  come from Melody Gardot's fabulous album 'My one and only thrill'. Combined with some wonderful instrumentation I link to Joe Henry's 'Blood From Stars'.

Editorial note : A live long of reading the news as I get it, made it natural for me to type : '1 of the great female jazz singers'. Thinking about this now : Would I also say '....great male jazz singers' ? I guess it should be 1 of the great jazz singers. 

Edit 19 October, 2016
If I translated correctly from glam magazine, Joe Henry said about this song :

"When I began producing this album, I heard not only raw blues, but also the warm folk, and that was one of the reasons that made me wanted so much to do this one. This song clearly shows the ambiance of this disc. A disc where the piano gives its role to the guitar. A disc that can not wait to be played live. "

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