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vrijdag 8 juli 2016

Prospects of a new solo album

I guess a lot of us were wondering it, but it was Steve Dawson who popped the Question :

"When will we hear another solo record from you ?"

It is part of a fantastic interview he did with Joe, and is available in 2 podcasts. And I repeat : Take a couple of hours, and listen to them : FAN-TAS-TIC !

But towards the subject of a new album.
Joe spoke about this. Some highlights, but much more on the podcasts itself :

........I'm actually gonna do an acoustic guitar-and-vocal demo session later this week, where I need to record 12 things or so, so I don't forget them. And that's sort of the beginning.......
........I like the idea of making a record before this year is out, but I haven't figured out how,............

......I really love recording, and love recording songs when they are verry, kind of viciourly alive.  I wouldn't want to rest them for a year, and come back to and say "OK what excited me about this ?".....

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