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vrijdag 22 april 2016

Chely Wright's album announced for september.

American Country singer Chely Wright announced the release of her new record, produced by Joe Henry. 

The album will be titled 'I am the Rain', and will be released in september 2016.
"I am still in awe of having worked with him"   she explained in a video message on her facebookpage.
...Working with Joe is kinda terrifying. He has a really high bar for the songs and for the performances, and for the performances the musicians bring to the table.  And he's just got this way of getting everyone to bring their A-game every day. Really hard to do, and he does it with such grace, and such intuition....

According to this article, recordings happened in September.
...I was in LA for 12 days as we tracked it in September and right now we are in the mixing process...

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