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woensdag 25 maart 2015

Words on the New Milk Carton Kids Album

'Poetry' : that's the word I would use.

Joe Henry wrote poetry for the new Milk Carton Kids album. The album is called 'Monterey', and is available as pre-order.

"I’ve grown sick of the light, now that the once-distant sky has laid down beside me and spread the sun like a flaring map across both our knees, coquettish and cloying, groping my trunk and fleecing me of change; obscuring the authority of the seasons with eternal summer, when, time ago, days would darken to mark my way and progress, making cool the thoughts that now turn only in fevered, dull half circles; that tip away from invention and lean into surrender –the way the poor and kinder dime-a-dance girls once leaned just so into me, when I was over there. 


Read it in its entirety over here.

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