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dinsdag 30 september 2014

JH on Trixie Whitley

I came across another spanish Interview from the 'Invisible Hour' Tour.
It was an interview for Radio Gladys Palmera.

It's dubbed in spannish, so many thanks to my friend Laura for helping me to translate.

The interview has a little background on how Joe came to Trixie Whitley for the Fleetwood mac tribute album called just tell me that you want me .

The song Trixie brings on this album is called  Before the Beginning. Joe produced it. He says she's incredible ! her father (Chris Whitley) was a good friend of his, they had worked together.
(Chris Whitley played on Joe's album fuse.)  

After her father died he never saw Trixie again. 

Then he was in New York, producing Marianne Faithfull for the fleetwood mac tribute album. He was in a taxi, going to Marianne's studiosession, and he wondered if Trixie would be around. He thought she would sound great singing with Marianne. He phoned her, and she wanted to do it. She sang beautifully together with Marianne Faithfull. 

The project coordinator loved it and suggested that Trixie should have her own song in the album too. It was the first time that he saw her again since she was nine.

Listen to the original Interview over here (excerpt from 33:20 to 34:20)

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