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woensdag 18 juni 2014

The Tom Robinson show

Joe Henry was a guest in BBC6's 'Tom Robinson show.


Today (June 18)  there are 3 days left to listen to it on demand.
It starts on 35 minutes, 30 seconds.

Over more then 1 hour, he talks about 'Invisible Hour', choosing for your own label, meeting Lisa Hannigan, producing, 'Richard Pryor adresses a tearfull nation', 'Furious Cool', influences, Solomon Burke, Billy Bragg, wearing suits, and so on....

from the site :
Tom chats to American singer-songwriter and producer Joe Henry, who's just released his 13th solo album Invisible Hour. He released his debut album Talk Of Heaven in 1986, and started producing in conjunction with T Bone Burnett. He's since produced albums for artists including Kristin Hersh, Jim White, Aimee Mann, Billy Bragg and Solomon Burke, for who's album he won a grammy.

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