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Production 2004


Co-production is used in a verry broad sense. Here it displays all the  albums where Joe produced a part of the album, no matter how much he was involved. Producing the entire album together with someone else, producing a few songs, or just one,....

Produced tracks 1-4,6 and 8.

Produced (and sings duet with Ann Peebles) 'Untill you came into my life'.

Ani DiFranco-Knuckle Down

Co-produced together with Ani Difranco

From her webpage

For Knuckle Down Ani invited a fellow musician to co-produce the new record with her. That honor went to Joe Henry, an acclaimed performer and songwriter.
"I invited him out to share the stage, and we just struck up a friendship and started talking about making records—which both of us do, serially [laughs]—and really hit it off. We had a real lively creative dialogue going, so I took that as my cue to step out of my solitude and work with a co-producer for the first time—invite collaboration back into my life," Ani says.

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