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zaterdag 28 april 2018

Bremenconcert February 10, 2018 is available

(Brussels, 5 February 2018)

On February 10, Joe performed in Bremen, Germany. It was recorded for a radiobroadcast.  The concert was part of the tour to promote his latest album 'Thrum'.

The radiobroadcast is now available as a download.
you can find it on German blog 'Radiohoerer' . the 'Link Zur Datei' leads you to the file. I downloaded it, and faced no problem at all. 'Radiohoerer' seems to be a really interesting blog. It has a lot of great livemusic as a stream or download.
Great discovery !

Anyway, in my humlbe opinion this is an excellent recording, of a great show with stellar performances of several songs. It brings back memories to when I went to see him, although I think his playing in Bremen sounds a little more gentle than what I witnessed in Brussels. No critique at all, every concert is different, and I wished I also could have attended this one. 

Playlist :
from this year's tour :
Trampoline / Lead me on / After the War / Climb / Believer / Now and Never / Sold / Odetta / Our Song / God only knows / Grave Angels / Short man's room / Hungry / Keep us in song / Eyes out for You /// Love is Enough / For the Good Times
From his 2014 concert in Bremen : 
Invisible Hour / The Man I keep Hid / You can't fail me now / Monkey(cut off)

But I went to see him perform in Brussels, this was my experience.

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