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dinsdag 13 februari 2018

European 'Thrum' tour round-up

It was an exciting experience to see and hear.  

Well, that's a wrap... 
Joe travelled through Europe for almost 2 weeks, and gave every audience a wonderful evening.

Before starting the shows, Joe was a guest at the UK, Americana 2018 Conference. He had an extensive interview with Bob Harris, in the series 'In Conversation with'.

Thank you again to Bob Harris for the ‘in Conversation’ event. Every year we end with an in-depth conversation between Bob and a member of the Americana community. This year it was renowned artist and producer, Joe Henry, and was once again it was a triumph – really special and varied conversation that had the whole room captivated on topics from US politics to secrets of the trade. It was so compelling and flew by, a really brilliant way to end the conference.(source)

The reactions of audiences, everywhere where very warm. In Hamburg it even seems it was a little too hot. I found this review : (freely translated)

...Actually it is not fair to criticize a concert that is performed musically at such a high level and goes on for so long. But it was not perfect. To begin with, Prinzenbar burst out of its seams. With more than 200 visitors it was not only sold out, but unfortunately a little too full. People stood on the stairs and in every small column of the room. This was not only at cost of the oxygen quality, but also the general feeling : Many fans could not even see their star.
On the other hand, Joe Henry somehow embraced the respect for the unapproachable during the concert. at the same time the singer also talked more than once about what he had thought of which song. Henry's aura was friendly but strangely far away. It would have been nice if there had been more seats. Because Joe Henry's, sometimes sizable, but always melancholic folk songs invite you to hug eachother and not to dance. 
But hey, All this is complaining at the highest level ...

I went to see him in Brussels, and wrote the following :

As mentioned before : The Bremen concert has been recorded for a radiobroadcast. The airing date for it is not yet set. But according to setlist.fm this is what we can expect:

Trampoline / Lead me on / After the War / Climb / Believer / Now and Never / Sold / Odetta / Our Song / God only knows / Grave Angels / Short man's room / Hungry / Keep us in song / Eyes out for You /// Love is Enough / For the Good Times

Almost every evening he made small adjustements to his setlist, but it gives you a general idea of what Joe offered us over here.

And on the last evening in Dublin, everyone was treated by Lisa Hannigan who sang along on 'Lead me on'. 


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