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zondag 14 januari 2018

New released tracks from Joan Baez & Steep Canyon Rangers

Accompanied by an interview with Rolling stone magazine, Joan Baez released the titletrack of her upcoming album : 'Whistle down the wind'.

Has Tom Waits ever specifically written a song for you?No, I've just found his music and I know that if I scratch the surface, I'll come up with something. I wish he would write something for me, but he didn't have to write "Last Leaf" for me; it was just there. It's a song about the timing in my life and it makes me laugh. But also, I am the last leaf on the tree for lots of folks.(rollingstone)
(Make sure to read that entire interview.) 

The Steep Canyon rangers released 'Let me out of this town' from their album 'Out in the open', which will be released in 2 weeks.
At tasteofcountry.com they say about it :

"Recording 'Let Me Out of This Town' required patience, keeping the horse on a tight rein until, by the end, you can’t hold back any longer and hell has broken loose!" vocalist and banjo player Graham Sharp says.

Full tracklist :
1. "Farmers and Pharaohs"
2. "Let Me Out of This Town" (listen)
3. "Out in the Open"
4. "Can’t Get Home"
5. "Going Midwest" (listen)
6. "When She Was Mine"
7. "Love Harder"
8. "Shenandoah Valley"
9. "Best of Me"
10. "Roadside Anthems"
11. "Let Me Die in My Footsteps"
12. "The Speed We’re Traveling" (listen)

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