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maandag 18 december 2017

Ralph Carney 1956 - 2017

Yesterday we had to say goodbye, way to early, to multi-instrumentalist Ralph Carney.
He was a musician whom’s importance can not be over-appreciated. His work still inspires a lot of musicians, and will inspire future musicians.

For the big audience he is best known for his work with Tom Waits during his ‘Frank’s trilogy’ period. Together with artists like Marc Ribot and Greg Cohen : Ralph Carney helped defining the new sound of Tom’s journey on the waves of Harry Partch and Kurt Weill. He continued working with Tom Waits for a long period.
Ralph played together with Joe Henry during their work with Jim White, on album’s like ‘In search of wrong-eyed jesus’ and ‘Drill A Hole In That Substrate And Tell Me What You See’.
he has also worked f.e. with Randy Newman, Elvis Costello, The B-52’s, Allen Ginsberg, St. Vincent, and so many more.

Besides that, he had his personal work that stretched in to contemporary jazz, and classical music.
We wish his family, and everyone close to him, strength.
Greetings, Stefan.

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