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maandag 30 oktober 2017

Producing the Milk Carton Kids

Hello all,

Joe's own album Thrum has just been released.
If everyone has read the press about it, I'm sure you will all already noticed that other piece of info. Last week, the L.A. Times gave us a pre-listen of these new songs. But hidden in the entire story there was this 1 sentence :

“I’m deeply invested in poetry, and I write a lot of it,” Henry, 56, said from Nashville recently, where he’s wearing his producer’s hat yet again, working on a new collection with L.A. folk duo the Milk Carton Kids.

A little while ago, Joe also posted a picture on Instagram rehearsing with them :

Een bericht gedeeld door Joe Henry (@joehenrymusic) op

Recordings seem to be done in the House of Blues studios in Nashville. Singer Lindsay Loubelly posted a picture, recording with Kenneth Pattengale for a new Milk Carton Kids album.

We are witnessing something interesting for the duo Kenneth and Joey Ryan. They are not alone over there! Not only is Lindsay Loubelly singing, but you also see an upright-bass player in the picture. 

And, also:  Joe's there, and during that week "Jay Bellerose was in Nashville making an album."...

I'm pretty sure we are in for a treat.


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