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vrijdag 14 april 2017


Joe made his contribution on the Internet for #WhatJusticeMeansToMe
Since he mentions he's at that moment in Belfast with Billy Bragg, we can date the filming of this clip to January 29, 2017. It where the days of heavy protest against Trump's Muslimban. It was a week where I saw humanity, solidarity and kindness, all over the world, become un-neglectable. A week that moved me to tears to see hope growing.

The 'Justice Project' asks everyone to share their idea of what Justice means personally.

"One of the great truths about the human perspective is that we don’t see the world as it is but as we are. So at THE JUSTICE PROJECT we decided to ask people and invite people from around the world who are old and young, healthy and infirm, free and incarcerated to tell us: “What justice means to me.” In this effort, we don’t expect to corner the truth about justice but to witness it by being an honest witness and honor our mission statement to lend an ear and give a voice. Please take a look and join us. As Scripture would remind us, “We’re not expected to finish the work but neither are we excused from it.”

What Justice means to me ?
- We should all, treat all of each other, as human beings, with the respect for human beings. Only then we will live in a just world. I believe today we generally confuse justice with, 'living-like-we-do.'
Looking at that, has nothing to do with Justice.  Looking beyond that has far more to do with it. Because then, we will look at each other as human beings, and we can find the respect for each other.


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